Accessible, practical yoga to nurture resilience, compassion and joy

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The theraputic power of yoga

Yoga has a therapeutic power that provides us with the ability to bring harmony to both the mind and body. 

The beauty of this ancient practice is that you don’t have to be experienced to reap its many benefits. Whether you’re young or old, flexible or can barely touch your toes, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body for everyone.

My intention is to educate and equip my students with accessible, practical techniques for life, to nurture resilience, compassion and joy. 

With me, you will discover authentic yoga from India, the source of all yoga; practising asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and meditation. Join me and discover the true magic that is yoga.

About Lindsey

Fully qualified 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and 100 hours TeenYoga Teacher Training


Style & Benefits

Grounded in Hatha yoga, based on the Ashtanga Primary series with Iyengar alignment


Teen Yoga

Self awareness of mind and body during a fundamental transitional stage in life



MattMen's Class

Lindsey is an excellent and patient teacher who is well suited to teaching individuals at all skill levels from beginners like me to significantly more experienced practitioners. The sessions are relaxed with a focus on developing the fundamentals however Lindsey will happily expand on anything should you ask her and has a genuine depth of knowledge... I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface and am keen to pursue as long as she teaches in Dubai. After suffering serious back pain for years, it has all but fully subsided and has really changed things for me in terms of my daily life. I heartily recommend Lindsey’s classes to anyone.

LaraTeen Yoga Class

I really look forward to Lindsey’s teen yoga classes; they are the perfect combination by working on physical strength, health and fitness, as well as breathing and meditation techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety to help you relax. The intimacy of the small class sizes helps you not only connect with Lindsey, but also with the other students around you, which creates a comforting and safe environment. While Lindsey’s classes are very focused and structured, we always managed to have a laugh and a joke at different points in a session, making Lindsey more than a teacher and a mentor, as she is also your friend.

TaleanaGroup Class

Lindsey is such a beautiful yoga teacher. Although I had done yoga for a number of years previously, I had just had a baby when I started with Lindsey, so was nervous about how much strength and flexibility I had lost. She was so understanding, and offers variations on poses to cater to different levels in the same class. Her classes have been amazing both physically and mentally for me, not only providing a great workout, but also some much needed mental space as a new mum. I’m feeling so much stronger and more grounded since starting a regular yoga practice again. Thank you Lindsey!!

RaniaTeen Yoga Class

Lindsey’s classes were something I looked forward to immensely and provided me with lots of new knowledge and stress relief techniques that I could apply in my every day life. The combination of techniques to strengthen the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional physique resulted in positive impacts in all departments of my well being. I truly felt engaged, strengthened and relaxed after the classes and it was easy to apply the yoga I learnt to stressful situations such as how to use my breathing to calm down before an important exam.

GeorgiaTeen Yoga Class

I thoroughly enjoyed Lindseys classes. The combination of learning new breathing techniques, yoga flows and relaxation segments provided me with so much new knowledge on how to deal with emotional and physical stress in a positive way. I always looked forward to her explanations of how yoga can be integrated into our daily lives as a fun and calming way of stepping away from busy normal life.

SamGroup Class

I wasn’t sold on the whole yoga thing. But now I love it & go twice a week! Lindsey’s sessions are fab because it’s atmospheric and she thoughtfully and clearly explains all the positions. She adjusts and puts positions in, that help a specific ailment that her yogi’s have -whether it’s a bad back or muscle, or breathing for better sleep or mindfulness and calm. I feel stretched, healthy, relaxed and get some ‘me’ time all in 1 go.

NeasaGroup Class

Lindsey is truly a beautiful soul and it shines through in her amazing yoga sessions. A perfect combination of strength, flexibility, meditation and fun! She has an innate ability to make you feel at ease and tunes into each persons individual needs in the class. This truly is a gift. Her warmth and healing nature makes each session unique and inspiring. She helped me enormously with a niggling hip issues, aiding me in releasing both the physical and emotional aspects of the injury. I highly recommend Lindsey’s classes.

LizGroup Class

I love going to ‘Intention Yoga’ classes with the amazing Lindsey. The sessions are varied and challenging. I am so much more flexible and with Lindsey’s encouragement and dedication I will be able to do a full headstand before too long! It is so very satisfying! After every class I feel I have worked out, rejuvenated and relaxed, all rolled into one. You have to go! Also check out her full moon sessions- absolutely amazing. Come and see for yourself! Namaste!

DanMen's Class

Learning yoga with Lindsay has been amazing, I started looking at yoga to supplement my normal gym routine and to help with some posture issues. She has opened my eyes to the benefits of yoga, both physically and mentally. I am more flexible, stronger, my posture is better, my breathing control when scuba diving has improved, and I feel less stressed.

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Join me and discover the true magic that is yoga